Exposed Aggregate

What would cause stones to pop out of the concrete surface?

This is caused by over-exposing. When installed by an experienced aggregate crew, this will rarely occur. Exposed aggregate actually holds up much better and lasts longer than other decorative concrete methods.

Can I get my Aggregate in different colors?

Yes. Choose from a large industry selection, which has a broad range of colors and hues… from Sandstone to Terracotta and everything in between, to match any décor.

Is Exposed Aggregate Concrete slippery when wet?

No. The texture on the concrete stops the surface from becoming slippery (unlike other concrete finishes), which makes it a perfect product for around the home or in public areas.

Does it need sealing?

Sealing isn’t essential but is highly recommended. The sealer works as a stain repellent and also gives the concrete an appealing sheen.

What is Glow-crete™?

Glow-crete™ is a new, modern, and extremely popular glow in the dark stone added to an exposed aggregate mix, creating a relaxing ambient glow throughout your home.

How long after the pour will we have to stay off the Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

It can be walked on the next day, but we do recommend you stay off the concrete until we have finished the “clean and seal” component of the job. We recommend that you leave the paving for 5-7 days before driving a vehicle on it.


  • Durability – Outlasts all decorative concrete finishes.
  • Safety – Anti-slip surface.
  • Versatility – Seamlessly blends with any surroundings.
  • Low Maintenance – Does not require annual sealing to maintain its beauty.
  • Expansion – Additions and expansions are easily matched.
  • Variety – Many aggregates and colors to choose from.


  • Requires installation by skilled professionals.
  • Lack of experience can result in unsightly appearance and performance.