Concrete Tops

Does the concrete ever crack?

Yes. Hairline cracking may occur. However, this does not affect the structural integrity of the concrete. It can be patched or left visible, thus adding character to the look of the concrete.

Does the concrete stain or is it waterproof?

The concrete must be sealed, making it water and stain resistant. It is best to clean up spills as soon as possible, especially oils and acidic liquids.

Does the color ever vary?

Yes. Since our product is hand made, color and texture may vary. This is part of the uniqueness of concrete.

What is the maximum size a pre-cast slab can be?

Typically, we keep them to 7’ x 3’, as they have a tendency to become too heavy to work with. Larger sizes can be achieved but seaming may be required. Please call us to discuss your project.

Can I put hot pans on the counter?

No. It’s best to use hot pads or a trivet to avoid scorching the sealer.

Can I cut directly on the counter?

No. A cutting board should be used instead. Knife marks can mar the sealed surface and set up areas for stains to form.

How far can it cantilever (stand out) with out being supported?

Max of 18” with a 1.5” thick countertop.

Who should install Concrete Countertops?

It should be installed by someone with marble or granite installation experience.

Can I use it outdoors?

Yes. It’s a great product for outdoor use.

How do I clean it?

Plain soap and water or any natural non-abrasive cleaner, such as diluted Simple Green, can be used to clean it.

How do I maintain the finish?

Regular maintenance will insure the long life of the concrete.

Do I have a choice of finishes?

Yes. We produce three different finishes. The first is an “upside down process” finish. The second is a “pressed” finish. The third is a “ground” finish. An “upside down process” is one color with many variations in the finish caused by the natural materials. A “pressed process” is a veined finish that may have one or more colors needed. A “ground finish” is achieved by grinding the concrete surface and exposing the aggregate.